"Sparkle Powder Gold" Fabric x 10cm

1,80 €

This feminine, pastel fabric is ideal for all sewing creations.  With a density of 85g/m2 - 140 cm width, this 100% cotton cambric fabric (similar to voile) is easy to sew and is ideal for making beautiful blouses, dresses and tunics.  The Sparkle Powder Gold Fabric is a an original fabric that is easy to wear.

Machine wash at 30-40°C.

The displayed price is for a coupon of 10 cm x 140 cm width.

Type quantity 1 for 10 cm, quantity 2 for 20 cm, quantity 15 for 1,5 meter. For example if you order 50 cm, you will receive one continuous length of 50 cm with 140 cm width.

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