Fabric "Crepe mustard" x 10cm

1,80 €

The Crepe Mustard fabric is one of the NEW viscose crepe fabrics from the Atelier Brunette Couture Collection.

The crepe viscose fabrics come in 8 stylish variations to suit all seasons and tastes. These fabrics offer an authentic range of timeless colors that are very easy to wear. The Crepe Mustard fabric is soft, yet thick (with 140 cm in width and 118 g / m2) and is ideal for sewing dresses or blouses with a gorgeous drape and comfort. This fabric matches well with the entire Atelier Brunette collection including the Twist Dark Blue, Bye Bye Birdie, Abstract, and Angèle fabrics.

Machine wash cold delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry.

The displayed price is for a coupon of 10 cm x 140 cm width.

Type quantity 1 for 10 cm, quantity 2 for 20 cm, quantity 15 for 1,5 meter.
For example if you order 50 cm, you will receive one continuous length of 50 cm with 140 cm width.

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