I am Mimosa - patron de couture

15,00 €

Under the starlit sky, I'll protect you from the winter cold. My wide rolled down collar and my pockets give me a modern look. Whether in the city or in the country I'll brighten up your life.
Size 36 to 46.
Beginner Level

Fabric requirements
2 1/4 yards in 60’’ wide
Collar lining: 1/2 yards in 35’’ wide (Optional)

Collar lining (Optional)
Bias to finish unravelled edges: 125’’ in 5/8’’ wide (Optional)

Recommended fabrics
Wool fabrics (non fray fabric at edges for beginner): Reefer, Felted wool, Broadcloth, Bouclé fabrics, Flannel...Collar lining : Cotton, Crêpe...

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