Children bedrooms London

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What are the main features of children's bedrooms in London today? Inspite of the fact that they are all filled with Teddy Bears, they all have their own unique character. London is a huge cosmopolitan town where people from all over the world thrive together. London is so large that local areas are like small villages, each with different and specific styles. Within one day you can stroll in wonderful countryside in the morning, amongst the squirrels and deer, then walk down old paved streets resembling scenes from a Dickens novel, and finally find yourself in the heart of India in the evening. Hence, each childs bedroom correponds to a unique and personnal style, inspired by the surrounding area the origin of the house, and the traditions of its dwellers. Moreover, they reflect the spirit of freedom and individuality that pervades this glorious town.

Format A5 - 128 pages


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