Fabric "Halo Brown" x 10cm

1,99 €

Fabric Halo Brown Atelier Brunette Couture, from the collection "Attraction". The Halo Brown fabric is part of the first collection of viscose Atelier Brunette Couture. This new range of fabrics is modern, chic and trendy ! In the mood of current fashion collections, this soft and thick fabric (140cm width and 130g /m2) gives a new dimension of stitching clothes while offering what is best in terms of material and design.
Important information, please note that it is necessary to wash the fabric before using.

The displayed price is for a coupon of 10 cm x 140 cm width.

• 100% viscose rayon, CE certified ink
• Length 140cm
• Density 150 g/m2
• Machine wash 30°C (medium spin). Do not tumble dry.

Type quantity 1 for 10 cm, quantity 2 for 20 cm, quantity 15 for 1,5 meter. For example if you order 50 cm, you will receive one continuous length of 50 cm with 140 cm width.

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