Screenprint 02 x 10 cm

1,40 €
0,42 € -70%

Screenprint 02.
100% cotton.
80 g/m2

This fabric is as beautiful as it is particular.It was made in India by passionate craftsmen.
The traditional Indian motifs are screen printed by hand with natural pigments.
The small irregularities of hues and patterns visible on the fabric are quite normal because it is a craft product.

In order to keep the colors of your fabric as long as possible, some precautions must be taken:
- Before starting your work, always wash your fabric
- During the first wash, fix the color with coarse salt
- Do not use too much laundry
- Dry your fabric in the open air and avoid the dryer
- Do not do it in the sun

These precautions will allow you to keep the original colors of your fabric and preserve its delicate patterns.

The displayed price is for a coupon of 10 cm x 110 cm width.

Type quantity 1 for 10 cm, quantity 2 for 20 cm, quantity 15 for 1,5 meter.
For example if you order 50 cm, you will receive one continuous length of 50 cm with 110 cm width.

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