I am Celeste - sewing pattern

15,00 €

I am the perfect dress to accompany you on the glorious, sunny days. My back is a love talisman. When you look at me from the front, I give the impression of being in the shape of a heart. It becomes reality when I reveal my back and you can admire a cut-out, stylised heart. With my flared shape and my godets I am really agreeable to wear.
From 36 to 46

- Dress: 2 1/2 yards by 60” wide
- Top: 1 3/4 yards by 60” wide
- Heart: 12 inches by 30’’ wide

- Fabric for the garment
- Fabric for the heart

Material needed
Poplin, cotton flannel, cotton twill, modal, viscose,wax, thin denim

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