I am Panthere

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I am Panthere - I Am Patterns.
PANTHERE is a lovely tight fitting jersey dress complemented by a flowy chiffon overdress. A band of sequins at the bottom perfectly tops off the dress and gives it the character and the sophistication of a mythic little black dress. It is THE dress to wear to be as mysterious as the panther. Wear it in winter in 3/4 sleeves but also in summer in the sleeveless version.

From 36 to 46

- Dress: thick jersey fabric for T-shirt
- Overdress: chiffon or other thin or see-through fabrics
- Bottom band: sewn sequin fabric

- Fabric
- 1 twin needle (4mm gap)

Material needed
- 3/4 sleeves dress: 1 3/4 yards by 60” wide
- Sleeveless dress: 1 1/8 yards by 60’’ wide
- Overdress: 1 3/4 yards by 60’’ wide
- Bottom band: 12 inches by 60’’ wide

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